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PRODUCT NAME: OMY LADY 100% Pure Natural Handmade Shampoo Soap

100% handmade

best for hair care

Natural Ingredients

Safe Synthetics

No pollution

No addition, no irritation

OMY LADY® handmade soap is made of edible plant soft oil, such as virgin coconut oil and olive oil, and there is no artificial pigment, artificial flavor, preservative, mineral oil and other substances added. After long-term use, it can deeply regulate skin and clean the skin from the bottom of the muscle. It also has multiple functions of hydrating, moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging. In addition, it is 100% made in hand with natural and organic plant extracts. It does not contain any additives and will not pollute the environment and water. It is a truly organic and environmental skin care product.

HTB1odOGJYPpK1RjSZFFq6y5PpXawOMYLADY handmade soap – perfectly formed , they are idea for travelling.

one OMYLADY handmade shampoo soap== traditional shampoo + conditioner+Hair maskHTB1j.SIJ4TpK1RjSZR0q6zEwXXauOMYLADY handmade soap- Natural plant extract

From Dou Nan flower market -the biggest flower market in Asia -powered by natural ingredients,sourced from Plateau vegetation-weather It’s like spring all the year roundHTB1OmeMJ9zqK1RjSZFpq6ykSXXaO

Why should we choose brand OMYLADY ?

Reliable selection of the ingredients —the excellent living environment of plants,weather It’s like spring all the year round

No pollution: after 24 hours of contact with water, the foam of OMY LADY handmade soap will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria, which will not cause water pollution.

Low-temperature hand-made: Made in hand with 45℃, retains the simplicity and natural characteristics of the plant materials, reduces the loss of nutrients, and integrates the art of OMY LADY into the simple life.Makes your hair clean super soft and shiny – can’t stop smelling it

Before use – after use

Using method :

Step 1 -wet your hair

Step 2 -scrub shampoo foam

Step 3 -Apply foam to your hair, massage for 2-3 minutes, then rinse off with water.

1.Tea Tree Oil hair shampoo

Main function: oil-control, anti-dangdruff,antipruritic


2. Honey Handmade Hair Soap

Main function: hair nourishing, soften,and protecting

3. Olive Oil Hair Shampoo Soap

Main Function: repairing, noushing and hair strenthening HTB1yByOJ3HqK1RjSZFEq6AGMXXaD

4. Seaweed hair shampoo soap

Main function: repair damaged hair, improve hair scalp situationHTB1pIuLJ3HqK1RjSZFgq6y7JXXaD

5. Cinnamon hair shampoo soap

Main function: Stop hair loss, anti-hair loss, and growing hair

6. Lavender hair shampoo soap

Main function: deep cleaning, oil-control

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Camellia oil, Rose essential oil, Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, Palm



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